Business appointments system

Tianguis is a Business event based on 25 minute pre-scheduled appointments between buyers, exhibitors and media advertiser participants.

Buyers and exhibitors will have appointments Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, media advertiser participants can request appointments with exhibitors on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The Tianguis pre-scheduled appointments system is a highly specialized computer matching software program developed and adapted for this event.

Only fully registered and paid buyer, exhibitor and media advertiser participant companies will have access to it through the delegate number and delegate password assigned on the confirmation letter.

Each company submits a detailed marketing profile as part of the registration process.

A search feature is available in the online appointment request system which allows delegates to research companies based on their marketing profile and then select companies with which they would like to meet.

The appointments are scheduled on the following basis:

  • a) Appointments requested by both buyer & exhibitor (¨Perfect Match¨)
  • b) Buyer only requests for exhibitors
  • c) Appointments requested by both exhibitor and media advertiser participants (¨Perfect Match¨)
  • d) Exhibitor only requests for buyers


Through your personalized delegate passport you will be able to access the passport stamps that include:

  • "VIEW REQUEST LIST": This stamp allows you to view a list of appointment requests you have submitted.
  • "VIEW WHO HAS REQUESTED YOU": This stamp allows you to view a list of companies that have requested an appointment with your company.
  • "VIEW APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE": This stamp will enable you to view your appointment summary.
  • "MAKE APPOINTMENT REQUEST": This stamp allows you to enter.
  • "VIEW DIRECTORY PAGE": This stamp allows you to view your company marketing profile and registered delegate names.
  • "ONLINE DIRECTORY": This stamp allows you to search a listing of all registered buyer and exhibitor companies and view and/or print their marketing profiles.
  • "GO TO TIANGUIS WEBSITE": Direct access to the 43 Tianguis Turístico website.
  • "MESSAGE CENTER": Allows delegates to schedule additional appointments when the automatic system has been closed.

Passport access


Procedure for appoinment request

The deadline to submit your appointments requests is Friday March 23, 2018.

  • Login to the "DELEGATE PASSPORT" using your delegate number and delegate password located on your confirmation letter.
  • Click on the Stamp called "MAKE APPOINTMENT REQUEST".
  • Click "ADD REQUEST" button beside each company name you would like to request.
  • Click the "SUBMIT CHANGES" button.
  • Click the "SAVE AND EXIT" button.

To view the marketing profile of a company:

  1. Click the company name and then click the "VIEW PROFILE" button.

To search for buyer companies:

  1. To search for buyer companies based on their marketing profile, click the "SEARCH" button.
  2. Enter the search criteria and click the "EXECUTE SEARCH" button.