Acapulco is the largest and most dazzling tourist center in Mexico and it offers its visitors a wide variety of tourist options, emotion, fun and the real flavor of Mexico. But there are few things that any traveler should know before their arrival in this paradise and be able to enjoy a happy and relaxed vacation.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Acapulco can be described as an important deep sea port and coastal traffic, located on the Pacific Ocean, on the western side of the natural bay of Acapulco. The city is the municipal seat and is located at 16° 5’ latitude North and at 99° 54’ longitude West, located at 385 kilometers, approximately to the south of the City of Mexico and at 133 kilometers from the City of Chilpancingo, capital of the State of Guerrero.

GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION: Acapulco is a privileged tourist destination with 2 splendid bays, Santa Lucia and Puerto Marques, both of incredible natural beauty and incredible cliffs, beautiful beaches with varying waves surrounded by exotic tropical vegetation and protected by the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains to the East and by Santa Lucia Bay to the West.

EXTENSION OF THE BAY: The Bay measures 5 kilometers from East to West and 3 kilometers from North to South with a depth between 45 to 60 meters.

SURFACE: Acapulco has a territory of 1,882.6 square meters, which represents 2.95% of the state surface.

CLIMATE: The climate is tropical and humid with sun the most part of the year. July and August are the hottest months and the rainy season begins in May and runs through October. The winter season is a privileged time, barely humid. The prevalent vegetation is tropical. The average temperature is 33°C and the minimum is 22°C.

LANGUAGE: The official language is Spanish, but the majority of people in the tourism industry, and many inhabitants of Acapulco speak English.

MONEY: Mexican Peso

POPULATION: 789,971 INHABITANTS. Official number from the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatic from the year 2010 (INEGI).

DRESS: Dress code in Acapulco is casual and cool fabrics like cotton are recommended. Summer sport clothes are recommended for dining out, even though some clubs recommend comfortable and cool casual-formal clothing. Men should wear pants and not shorts when going out at night.

HOW TO GET HERE: Acapulco can be reached by air, road or sea from all over the world. By road you can travel by bus, from Mexico City’s Northern or Southern Terminal, or you can travel by car, enjoying the scenery along the “Autopista del Sol” toll road where it will take you between 3 and 4 hours to drive from Mexico City to the Port. The international airport is located 28 kilometers southeast of the Bay of Acapulco. Documents verifying your citizenship are required to enter the country; for example, a valid passport, a birth certificate or a driver’s license. In case these documents are lost or stolen, they cannot be replaced in Mexico, except for the passport. When you purchase your ticket, you will be issued a tourist card per 180 days and it will be needed when you leave the country.

MODES OF TRANSPORTATION: It is very easy to get to the airport from your hotel. Rental limousines and cars are easily available. If you wish to use local transportation, keep in mind that the bus you board should only run on the Costera Miguel Aleman to avoid getting lost. The price of the ticket varies from $8.00 to $10.00 pesos. The blue and white taxis can be used for longer distances and the price varies from $50.00 Pesos to $100.00 Pesos depending on the distance involved.

HOTEL INFRASTRUCTURE: The hotel infrastructure offers some of the best hotels in the world. There are more than 18,000 rooms in all categories from very exclusive hotels to small hotels close to the sea. The categories are: Special Category, Gran Turismo, and hotels from 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 star. The majority of the large hotels are located at the beach.

BASIC SERVICES: Almost all of the hotels and shops have all the basic services, including local and long-distance telephone service, potable water, purified and bottled, electrical installations of 110 volts, 60 Hz frequency and converters are not required. In many cases the hotels offer Wifi service, wich can be free or with extra charge according to the policies of each hotel. You can also find installations for computers and Internet and the rate may differ depending on each case.

SHOPPING: In Acapulco there is a great variety of shops and malls and they are ready to satisfy your shopping needs. Galerias Acapulco, Galerias Diana, Costera 125 or La Isla Acapulco Shopping Village, which offer boutiques, clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores and department stores of great prestige, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling, art exhibitions and many other places to entertain you at very accessible prices.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES & ENTERTAINMENT: Acapulco you can enjoy and practice many different sports. There are several tennis courts located throughout the city and in some hotels. Another sport that has great following is golf and Acapulco offers 5 superb golf courses.
For those that like extreme sports, you can try the bungy jump from a platform 50 meters high. For nature lovers, we recommend to take a tour through the mangroves on Coyuca Lagoon or Tres Palos Lagoon where you will find a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna.
For water sport lovers, we recommend a cruise on a yacht or go deep sea fishing, sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, take a ride on a jet ski, paddle surf (SUP) or just walk along the beach. Acapulco has so much to offer anyone that comes to visit our beautiful destination.

RESTAURANTS AND NIGHTLIFE: Acapulco has more than 160 restaurants with spectacular view of the bay and that offer a great variety of dishes, from Mexican food to international gourmet dishes. Many of the restaurants have bars, where you can spend a while after dining to enjoy a delicious tropical drink. You can then enjoy the vibrant and exciting nightlife that Acapulco is so famous for.

TIPS: ou should leave between 10% to 15% of the total bill. Bellboys generally receive $1.00US per suitcase; guides and taxi drivers do not expect tips unless you have contracted them on daily basics.
Acapulco has 3 important seasons of high occupancy: January to April, including Holy Week; summer vacation (July and August) and the winter season, beginning the second week of December. During these periods, the rates in hotels, restaurants and nightclubs tend to increase

TIME ZONE: Central Standard Time

MAIL: ou can find mailboxes all along the Costera. They are blue and the word “correo” is written on the box.

BANKS: The great majority of banks are open from 9;00AM to 4:00PM and the exchange houses are open until 8:00PM.

  • 1521’s The Spanish conquerors discover Acapulco.
  • 1532 Cortes arrives and establishes a ship building center for the galleons that will explore the southern routes.
  • 1565 A commercial route is established between Acapulco and Manila, the focal point of commercial exchange between Asia and America.
  • 1599 King Philip II confers the title of City to the Port of Acapulco.
  • 1617 The construction of the Fort of San Diego, built to protect the city against pirates, is finished.
  • 1776 The Fort of San Diego is destroyed by an earthquake and in 1778 it is reconstructed with 5 bastions and a moat.
  • 1818 The final battle in the War of Independence against Spain takes place. The Mexican troops attack the Fort, forcing the Spaniards to abandon it and the commercial route to Asia is closed.
  • 1873 By decree, the Port is called Acapulco of Juarez.
  • 1927 The first highway from the City of Mexico to Acapulco was inaugurated. The trip takes more than a week.
  • 1933 The first hotel, El Mirador, was built near the Zocalo.
  • 1945 The new highway between Mexico City and Acapulco was built, reducing travel time to only 6 hours. The development of Acapulco begins and its era as an international tourist destination.
  • 1964 Direct international flights begin to arrive and Acapulco becomes known as the place where the Hollywood stars and Jet Set come to vacation. They were fascinated by the natural beauty of Acapulco and its buoyant and relaxed atmosphere.
  • 1972 he Convention Center was built at a cost of 50 million dollars. It is considered to be one of the country’s best.

Acapulco continues to be one of the 9,000,000 tourists and it is the site of important international cultural and sporting events.

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Acapulco through the ages

Acapulco is among the top resorts in the world, and with its great variety of attractions, it is the ideal vacation spot for every taste even of the most demanding traveler. And yet, unlike other travel destinations, the history of this port is particularly interesting.

The Nahuatl tongue is the root of Acapulco’s name, according to tradition; it means “Place where the reeds were destroyed”. It all began with a Yope Indian legend. Acatl (“reed”), the eldest son of one of the tribe’s chiefs, was in love with Princess Quihuitl (“rain”), daughter of a rival chief. But, of course, any idea of a marriage was out of the question because of the rivalry between the heads of these families. Thus Acatl went back to his home near the bay, and sank into such a deep depression that his own tears melted his body, forming a large muddy swamp where reeds began to grow.

Meanwhile, princess Quihuitl, drifted across the bay in the form of a cloud and, in her deep sadness upon discovering the death of her loved one, she hurled herself down in the form of a huge storm, destroying the reeds, and dying beside her beloved Ácatl. In this manner they were united forever, giving birth to the word Acapulco, “Place where the reeds were destroyed”.

This legend is part of Acapulco’s Pre-Hispanic history along with the items found at the Sabana archaeological excavations. In the high areas of Acapulco, stone carvings and figurines have been found, indicating that the Port was inhabited since approximately 3000 B.C.

It was around the year 1532 when Acapulco came under the domain of the Spanish colonizers who referred to it as the “City of Kings” and interestingly enough, it was considered the place with the most beautiful beaches, a well-deserved title which still holds true today.

With the return of the Spanish galleons from their trips to the Orient, the Port was declared the official site for trade between Asia and America, which brought about the Americas’ Fair or the China Nao, which were dates when Acapulco was transformed and filled with splendor. This was one of first times Acapulco played a part in the hospitality industry, the main source of employment and provider of large amount of foreign exchange.

As the years went by, Acapulco became one of the most glamorous cities of the world. We need only recall the1950s when great Hollywood stars would revel in this paradise of the Americas.

We must also keep in mind that Acapulco has proudly been the inspiration for movies and novels which are now considered classics and that have given Acapulco even more international fame. Today it is one of the preferred travel destinations for national and foreign tourists.

Acapulco culturally fascinating

While some people have fun sunbathing on the beach, or dancing till dawn, there are other options for those who wish to know the other face of Acapulco.

Acapulco is an exciting city with beautiful places and many years of history and culture to discover. It is a living witness to the times of the conquest, the War of Independence and modern times. Don’t miss the opportunity to take time to visit some of the places that have been a part of history.

FORT OF SAN DIEGO: This marvelous architectural jewel should be an obligatory visit during your stay in Acapulco. Built in 1616 to defend the port against pirate attacks, the fort now houses the History Museum of the Fort of San Diego. It has 12 permanent exhibition rooms and 1 offering temporary exhibitions. It has an interesting collection of objects related to the Galleons, religious objects used on a daily basis, fabrics, maps and old drawings.

HISTORIC NAVAL MUSEUM: Located in the golden area, the Historic Naval Museum of Acapulco has a large part of the history and culture of the Bay of Santa Lucia, which for more than 250 years was the principal port of commerce on the Pacific Coast. It has a consulting library specializing in maritime themes, the workshop for building ship models is open to the public and visitors can observe the step-by-step construction of the naval models. You can also admire the use of plans, materials and techniques corresponding to the construction of the original ship.

HOUSE OF THE WINDS: Located in the Traditional area of Acapulco, in the home of the late Dolores Olmedo, who possessed the largest collection of Diego Rivera paintings in the world and a long-time friend of Rivera, and the woman that Diego Rivera asked to marry him after the death of his wife, the controversial painter, Frida Kahlo. Between 1956 and 1957, Rivera lived in Acapulco while recovering from cancer and it was then that he created the works found here.
This house represents a cultural heritage and is a sample of the art of Diego Rivera in Acapulco. If you have the time, stop by this house located on Inalambrica #6 on the Cerro de la Pinzona. You can appreciate the mural located on the outside wall called Exekatlkalli, a sculpture-painting where the Gods Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, of the Aztec culture, can be appreciated.

CATHEDRAL OF OUR LADY OF SOLITUDE: Located in the Zocalo and constructed in 1930, the Cathedral is adorned with a dome in the style of the mosques and Byzantine towers. The interior of the Cathedral is very simple and the walls are white and blue. The Virgin of Solitude is the patron saint of Acapulco since Philip II sent the image of the virgin.

ACAPULCO CULTURAL CENTER: During your visit of the city, do not forget to visit this cultural center located on the Costera Miguel Aleman where you will find exhibitions of archeological pieces found if different areas of the port and the state of Guerrero. There are also exhibitions of paintings and photographs and it also offers fun-filled classes of dance, music, theater and cultural events.

PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA OF ACAPULCO: Directed by Eduardo Alvarez the Philharmonic Orchestra has professional musicians and offers two concert seasons through the year, with two presentations every month at the International Acapulco Center and the Forum In the Mundo Imperial. They also tour within the state of Guerrero and they also visit other states in the Mexican Republic.

LA QUEBRADA: Impressive cliffs with a natural look-out platform from which one can enjoy spectacular sunsets and, on occasion, whales and dolphins, spotted mainly in the Winter season. La Quebrada is known as Acapulco’s icon throughout the world, famous for the performance which intrepid local divers offer from a height of 35 meters.
This risky activity began in the 1920s when fishermen would dive off the cliffs to free their nets caught on sharp rocky peaks, and among them they began a fraternal diving challenge gaining more height with practice. They also gained popularity as locals and visitors gathered to admire their feats. It was in 1934 when the performance became an actual show and the intrepid cliff divers of Acapulco became a tradition that was passed on from generation to generation. Presently the divers offer daily shows at 1:00, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.

PAPAGAYO PARK: A natural, protected area of over 200,000 square meters that offers the opportunity of becoming familiar with various types of animals and birds that migrate from the northern part of the continent. Its biodiversity and its facilities combine to allow for sports, recreational and cultural activities, and it is an ideal place for children to enjoy an outing with their families. It has a soccer field and basketball and volleyball courts, restaurants, an auditorium, a library, swimming pools, three lakes, a skating rink, a cycling rink and mechanical rides.

Acapulco´s tropical Flavor

Acapulco can not only seduce the senses of its visitors with its natural beauty, its sea breeze, the sunsets and an intense nightlife, but it can conquer your taste buds with its great variety of dishes, satisfying the most demanding palates.

The gastronomical characteristics of the port are also reflected in dishes from the state of Guerrero. With prehispanic influences from the indigenous groups and the Spaniards during the colonization, the food is the result of the fusion of two totally different cultures, offering the visitor a wide range of culinary options from the most sophisticated international dishes to the typical food of the region.

Acapulco has the privilege of having an extensive variety of fish and seafood, thus offering exquisite seafood dishes. Some of the more traditional seafood dishes are ceviche prepared from fish, shrimp, snails, octopus, clams, and a variety of seafood cocktails. One of the most traditional ways of preparing fish is grilled fish, which originated here in Acapulco.

Because Acapulco wants to spoil its visitors, it offers many different gastronomic preferences, along with the most traditional food from the state of Guerrero, which as a result of the combination of races, there are delicious dishes representing the fusion of cultures. One of Guerrero’s most famous and traditional dishes is “Pozole”, served on Thursdays in many restaurants throughout the city and accompanied by a wide assortment of vegetables and side dishes.

Because Acapulco wants to spoil its visitors, it offers many different gastronomic preferences, along with the most traditional food from the state of Guerrero, which as a result of the combination of races, there are delicious dishes representing the fusion of cultures. One of Guerrero’s most famous and traditional dishes is “Pozole”, served on Thursdays in many restaurants throughout the city and accompanied by a wide assortment of vegetables and side dishes.

Sports, adventure and fun in Acapulco

The climate and the physical characteristics of Acapulco are ideal to practice the traditional water sports and for lovers of extreme sports, there are several options so you can get an adrenalin rush. One of the many sport activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful destination is Sports Fishing. You will need a boat or a yacht that can be rented on the Malecon or at the Yacht Club. You will then leave for the open ocean where you can observe the many species that live in the waters of the Pacific and have an opportunity to catch an enormous swordfish or marlin.

For those of you who want to explore the depths of the waters of the port, diving can be your option. There are places, such as the Caves or “Piedra Blanca” of Roqueta Island. “El Bajo” of the Yerbabuena,”El Corsario”, they are only a few of the sites where you can practice this sport. For those of you that would like to try this sport for the first time, you can go to the areas of Caleta, Caletilla, Icacos and Roqueta Island. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for those who do not want to submerge in an underwater adventure but who do not want to miss the opportunity to observe underwater life from the surface. Almost all the beaches of the port are perfect for this activity, particularly the ones located in front of the Hotel Boca Chica and Roqueta Island.

Surfing is one of the sports that you can practice on some of the beaches of the port, such as Revolcadero Beach or Pie de la Cuesta, recommended for the very intrepid, and Condesa Beach is another good option for beginners.

And more traditional and sophisticated sport is Golf and the courses that are offered in Acapulco are exceptional, surrounded by unique scenery of nature at its best. This destination has spectacular 18-hole golf courses, located at the premises of Grupo Vidanta, the extraordinary Tres Vidas´golf course at the edge of the ocean, as well as the fields golf of the Turtle Dunes Country Club & Princess Mundo Imperial both belonging to the hotel complex, besides of the traditional 9-hole golf course located in the Club de Golf.

Tennis also plays a very important role in Acapulco, especially since the Mexican Open Tennis championships have been held here for the past several years, with the participation of great international tennis players. There are actually several tennis schools open to the public, among which is the Tennis Academy of Hotel Mayan Palace, the Alfredo Millet Tennis Club, or the Acapulco Golf Course and several others hotels offerexcellent installations open to visitors and they offer programs for children, young people and adults. Bowling is another of the recreational activities that Acapulco offers. Galerias Acapulco, Commercial Center has computarized lanes waiting to provide hours of fun to your family and friends.

For those with an adventurous spirit who enjoy living with a maximum dose of adrenaline, Acapulco offers several activities that require just a little bit of bravery and a strong desire to have fun. Acapulco invites you to know a new opportunity to discover and appreciate the beauty of the Coyuca Lagoon in a unique tour of the“kayaks”, in which you will experience the flora and fauna besides having the pleasure of enjoying a totally ecological ambiance, and needless to tell you that you will discover a great variety of exotic birds and impressive mangroves.

Acapulco offers activities that require only a little bravery and a desire to have fun. Dare to live an exciting experience, jumping from the Bungy from a tower 50 meters high and located on Condesa Beach. Before jumping, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the incredible view of the bay offered from here. When you arrive in Acapulco, you will not have to search for this thrilling activity because the installations of Bungy Paradise are located in the Golden Zone of Acapulco. A little bit higher, 150 meters to be exact, is the Ultra light Glider, that is a flight over the Diamond Zone leaving from Revolcadero Beach and flying over the beautiful landscapes of this area. Dare to enjoy the beauty of Acapulco from the heights!

So look no further! Wherever you look, Acapulco is 100% fun andpure adrenalin! Under the ocean or over the waves; visiting lagoons in between the vegetation and the hidden canals; or over the clouds, and we have not even mentioned the magical party nights! Acapulco awaits you with thousands of options and adventures to discover, try and feel.

Ecoturism in Acapulco, Finding a natural paradise.

The advance of technology and modernization, gives the way to a very active life where it is too easy to become lost between the noise of the big cities and the stress of your job. Because of this, people worry more about their environment and prefer to spend their vacations in tourist destinations away from urban problems and where they can relax and be in direct contact with nature.

In the same way, many tourist destinations have become very interested in the preservation of their natural attractions, offering their visitors new recreational alternatives and promoting the rational use of these attractions through cultural ecology. This is why eco tourism has become so popular over the past few years and it has become an integral part of many programs and tourism plans in different cities, not only in Mexico but in the whole world.

Acapulco is no exception and it has implemented eco tourism as an alternative for the development of sustainable tourism, and promote strengthen and preserve the natural and cultural resources of this area, and still offer excellent service with all the comforts that a visitor expects, and also offer the opportunity to rediscover the beauty offered by Mother Nature in the areas surrounding this beautiful port. There are several places where tourist activity and the environment join together to offer an exciting adventure in an atmosphere of tropical vegetation and exotic places accompanied by minimum intervention of men and respecting the essence of the site.

One example is the Botanic Garden, an attractive located on 6 acres within the tropical jungle. This beautiful site houses a large quantity of plants native to the region and whose principal objective is to preserve the biodiversity and conserve the fauna and natural flora of the zone. This magical place will fill you with energy and you will learn more about the wild life that abounds in this extraordinary site and you will be able to enjoy one of the best views of the bay.

Another site that has conserved its natural beauty through the years is the Coyuca Lagoon. This is a natural sanctuary surrounded by coconut groves, abundant palm trees and a very extensive variety of fauna, and offering the visitor an opportunity to practice water skiing, sailing and fishing.

There are many local tour operators who offer interesting tours through the lagoon in modern and safe boats. These tours are totally ecological and photographic. During two and a half hours, you will have the opportunity to admire the exuberant vegetation and the diversity of the birds that habitat a very special place, “The Island of the Birds.” This lagoon is also known and visited by actors, beauty queens and models because of a very special mud produced here and that exfoliates the skin.

Another lagoon that also shares the same beauty and characteristics is the Tres Palos Lagoon. Located close to Acapulco’s International Airport, this sweet water lagoon and exotic scenery is inhabited by very unique species of plants and animals, and which also has the same mud that is used in beauty treatments because of the natural nutrients that it possesses.

The freeing of the turtle is one of the noblest activities of man during the last few years. Here you will have the opportunity to collaborate in one of the most gratifying experiences of the adventurous soul and protector of the environment. If you possess one of these, you will be able to enjoy, in the company of your family, this fabulous experience during the months of October and January in the camps of the Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial and along the zone of Barra Viaja. Do not miss visiting Ventura Beach located in Costa Chica region or Paraiso Beach in Costa Grande, where you can camp and have the opportunity to live with nature and see the turtles that come to these beaches at night to spawn.

And, of course, you cannot miss out on one of the most traditional activities of the port, diving and snorkeling. In the depths of the waters of the bay, you will find one of the most beautiful treasures of Acapulco. Multi-colored fish abound in places such as “El Corsario“, “El Faro“, “El Bajo”, “La Ensenada”, and Roqueta Island, the place where the famous “Virgin of the Seas” is located. You can also observe the remains the ship that sunk in 1944, called “Rio de la Plata.”

All of this and more awaits for you in Acapulco, tropical paradise whereyou can satisfy your need to rest and relax and recuperate your energy through direct contact with the environment, far from stress and enjoy the wonders that this extraordinary destination offers.

Acapulco, the perfect place to combine business with pleasure

Acapulco is the perfect combination of natural beauty, exceptional climate, warmth of its people, and all the facilities you could want to organize and carry out your congresses, conventions and incentive trips.

Acapulco’s congress and convention market is experiencing a rapid and healthy growth rate which has led to various changes, streamlining the city’s facilities, in order to continue being a preferred business destination and respond to the requirements of companies and businessmen who plan to carry out their conventions in Acapulco.

It is for this reason and with the prime objective of satisfying the needs of convention organizers and participants, Acapulco has develop a new option for major events, Mundo Imperial, a magno complex of the Auto-Fin Group, which has an area of 22,000m2 exhibition, a forum with a capacity of 4,000 people designed to accommodate a variety of events, such as musical concert, Broadway shows, theater, family events and special presentations. Also, Mundo Imperial houses 50 meeting rooms, business center, restaurants and many other facilities for meetings, convention, fairs and expositions, besides an 800-suite resort that offer a high level of service and hospitality, a Promenade where are unique dining experiences, cultural activities and entertainment. All this located in the most exclusive area of this paradisiac Port “Acapulco Diamante”, next to Acapulco International Airport.

Meanwhile the International Acapulco Center, it was recently passed to FONATUR in order to make a new investment project and rescue this important space for meetings tourism in Acapulco.

This wonderful beach destination is constantly seeking to be a step ahead of any other vacation and business destination in the world, offering a great variety of attractions as well as advice and assistance in organizing events.

Acapulco has 18,000 hotel rooms available in all of the hotel categories, including approximately 6,000 rooms in five-star, grand tourism and special categories, all geared to receiving and attending you and your business team as you deserve to be served.

At the end of your work session or when you are about to close a business deal, don’t hesitate to invite your new associate to dine regally at any one of the spectacular restaurants located all along the Bay of Santa Lucía, topping the evening off at one of the famous discotheques or bars that are part of Acapulco’s exciting nightlife. Your convention, congress or incentive trip must include a city tour, and there you will find that Acapulco is an integral destination where you can enjoy an unequalled climate, its natural beauty, exotic beaches and 24-hour entertainment. On the other hand, you can’t leave without becoming familiar with Acapulco’s enigmatic history, the main witness of which is the San Diego Fort, still intact today and watching over the bay. Another piece of historic evidence is the Palma Sola archaeological zone, where one can see impressive petrography created by Acapulco’s first inhabitants.

All of this is only 3 ½ hours from Mexico City by road, on the Autopista del Sol toll road, while by air, Acapulco International Airport is equipped with excellent facilities to handle direct flights or connections to various parts of the republic and abroad.

For these reasons and many more, Acapulco is the ideal place to hold your congress, convention, reunion or incentive trip, whether it is for a small, medium or large group, of a national or international nature, always keeping in mind the enjoyment of its beaches and the great variety of fun activities offered by this travel destination

Acapulco: Beaches, sun & fun for everyone

Acapulco, a paradisiac Port, where you can thoroughly enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. There are over 20 kilometers of beaches from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta, where you will find those with classical golden sand like Hornos, Condesa, Caleta & Caletilla, which are ideal for practicing any of the multiple aquatic sports to be found at this beach destination or simply to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation to the crashing sound of the waves while the rays of sun caress your body providing a perfect suntan. Acapulco is the beach destination for excellence where you will have the most enjoyable fun at any spot along the Pacific Coast. Check out the best and most famous beaches in Acapulco, each with its unique charm, which are as follows:

CALETA & CALETILLA: By tradition, Acapulco’s favorite beaches, and famous among jet setters of the 50’s and 60’s, these beaches are protected naturally by the Roqueta Island, which takes the brunt of the currents from the Pacific Ocean, and allows for Caleta and Caletilla to enjoy gentle waves and lovely sand, ideal for the youngest members of the family.

HORNOS & HORNITOS: Located on the Northeastern part of the bay, these beaches are lined with a series of restaurants offering the best quality and variety of seafood for your enjoyment, along with the pleasant scenery and the warmth of the sun. Access to these beaches is right on the main Costera Miguel Alemán Avenue.

LA ROQUETA: The Roqueta Island is directly across from the Caleta & Caletilla beaches, where there is a dock from which you can get transportation to the island. The crossing is an attraction for the visitor because it is made in glass-bottom boats, through which one can see various marine species and a statue of the fishermen’s Virgin at the bottom of the Boda Chica canal, as this stretch of water is called.

PLAYA TAMARINDOS: Also to the North East of the bay is a beach of soft sand and gentle waves, charmed by numerous coconut palms that provide welcomed shade to those who visit with their families in the late afternoon.
For those who wish to enjoy a full day under the sun on golden beaches, enjoying the sea with their friends, there are various beaches in the “Golden” and “Diamond” zones of Acapulco.

CONDESA: Located at the center of the bay in Acapulco’s Golden zone, Condesa beach is known for its great tourist and commercial activity. Waves at this beach go from medium to large size and are ideal for those wanting to ride the waves in on a buggie board. It’s festive atmosphere is ideal for meeting new friends, apart from the fact that along this beach there are several restaurants and bars which serve the public from early afternoon, all of which creates a festive mood that promises fun from sunrise to sunset.

GUITARRON: Located South of the Naval Base, these smaller beaches are at the foot of rock formations where abundant vegetation surrounds beautiful beach homes.

PICHILINGUE: This beach, surrounding the Bay of Puerto Marqués is famous for the residences and imposing architectural beach homes that belong to famous personalities from Mexico and other parts of the world. This splendid view can be better appreciated cruising the area on a yacht.
Those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea in a more relaxed manner can visit various beaches where they can combine recreational activities on the sand and water sports, with a delectable meal of “a la talla” fish, topped off with the delight of enjoying a sunset while relaxing on a hammock. Some such beaches are:

BARRA VIEJA: If you take a turn off to the right on the road to the airport when you see the sign to “Tres Vidas” and drive some 27 kilometers, you’ll reach “Barra Vieja”. It’s an open-sea beach several kilometers long and popular among Acapulco residents and visitors who delight in eating the famous a la talla fish and like to rent horses to ride along the beach enjoying a breathtaking sunset.

BONFIL: Located 3 kilometers along the road to Barra Vieja, Bonfil has long, beautiful beaches, ideal for walking or horseback riding. Surfing is a popular sport here, and the beach restaurants serve delicious seafood.

PIE DE LA CUESTA: Internationally famous for having the most spectacular sunsets, Pie de la Cuesta is a beach on the open-sea, and is frequented by those who especially like horse-back riding or just relax on a hammock enjoying a good plate of seafood, a beer and a fantastic sunset.

PUERTO MARQUES: This is an extensive bay surrounded by mountains, covered with tropical vegetation and dotted with beautiful beaches that allow visitors to relish in the gentle ocean waves.
Among its best beaches are Playa Marqués and the Majahua beach, which are ideal for water skiing, sailing and fishing.

PUNTA DIAMANTE: This beach is part of Acapulco’s new “Grand Tourism” concept, which includes the construction of big, important tourism facilities. It is made up of a series of beautiful beaches of fine sand and big waves, facing the open sea.

REVOLCADERO: Located on the ocean side of the airport highway, just beyond Puerto Marqués, it faces the Pacific Ocean directly, with big and continuous waves, with a strong undertow for which great caution is recommended when swimming there. The Revolcadero is a unique stretch of beach several kilometers long, and ideal for enjoying the beauty of the open sea.

Relax by the sea

In recent years, health tourism has come to revolutionize what travel destinations worldwide offer their guests, and Acapulco has not been the exception in the development of this very important market, especially since many of the state of the art spas have gone back to using herbal techniques which were employed in Mexico since Pre-Hispanic times. Civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayans developed the use of medicinal herbs due to the plants’ curing properties.

This, alone, grants Mexico great competitive advantages, due to its ancestral homeopathic techniques for which it is known. With each passing day the desire to be “well” and in “proper form” grows increasingly and there is an intensification of the need to rest, relax and forget about one’s worries within a harmonious atmosphere, away from any type of noise or disturbance that could interfere with their reaching spiritual tranquility and true contact with nature. Mankind has understood the importance of living a quality life; that is, living more, healthier years.

It is precisely this that Acapulco offers, and much more, since through its spas, it offers activities and services that go from caring for the skin and body through millenary traditional treatments like the temazcalli, thermal baths, wrappings with algae and medicinal herbs, to advanced medical services that evaluate one’s physical and nutritional condition.

Without a doubt, Acapulco is the ideal place to forget about stress, the exhausting pace of big cities and the daily work routine followed by people this millennium, and instead, feel spiritual peace and total communion with nature by the sea, sun and sand. Although Acapulco is famous for its spectacular nightlife, it is also known for the tranquility of its ocean, and it is this element which identifies it with the meaning of the word spa “salute per aqua”, thus creating a perfect balance between rest and fun.

In Acapulco you will find some of the very best and most renowned spas at some of the destinations hotels, such as the Alory Spa, Brio Spa, Care Spa, Diseño Facial Spa, Miguett Spa, Oriental Spa, the Banyan Tree Spa, Willow Stream, Sol Imperial and Princess Mundo Imperial and many others; all of which offer services that fit the budget of any person who is willing to enjoy the peacefulness of the sea and the natural beauty of this beach destination which will help awaken their senses, energizing their bodies and letting go of their worries in order to dedicate a bit of time to their mental and physical health.

Why don’t you treat yourself to the opportunity of finding the perfect balance between your mind and your body. Acapulco is the best option to recuperate your energy by the sea!

La mejor opción para recuperar su energía a la orilla del mar.

Family fun in Acapulco reconnect, in Mexico’s premier destination for family travel

Warm sandy beaches, azure waters, famed shopping and non-stop nightlife. Acapulco is commonly considered an “adult playground.”

As a testament to its diversity; however, Acapulco also offers an abundance of activities that create a true tropical paradise for children. A child’s demand for fun and a parent’s need to “get away from it all,” blend magically in Acapulco. El Rollo waterpark located along the Acapulco Bay is a family-oriented theme park with great wave pools, seal and dolphin shows, toboggan slides and an array of water attractions for all ages. This park is a ‘can’t miss’ attraction for children of all ages. In addition to the enchanting animal shows and aquarium, a water slide and wave pool, El Rollo offers dolphin swims that provide an unforgettable and up-close experience for the entire family.

Older children, who might enjoy more challenging watersports, can take advantage of Acapulco’s endless array of Pacific Ocean recreation, including water-skiing, snorkeling and windsurfing, skimboard; and a new activity named Stand Up Paddle Surf.

Paddle Surf (SUP), is a wonderful activity in wich you will hace the opportunity to tour the Santa Lucía Bay standing on a surfboard, during the tour you can enjoy beautiful shoals of fish, turtles, stingrays and hopefully even dolphins and whales. Any sport you want to practice, it will be in the warm water of the port.

Papagayo Park, located downtown, takes its name from the fashionable Papagayo Hotel which stood there in the 50’s, is filled with exotic birds, a racetrack, a lagoon, bumper cars, and more. A great place to take children for an afternoon of fun, Papagayo Park also encompasses recreational and cultural facilities, swimming pools, restaurants, a skating and a cycling rink and more.

For parents who want to add a little culture as well as fun to the family holiday, Acapulco offers excursions that uncover the history and traditions of Mexico’s most famous resort. The Fort of San Diego Historical Museum brings to life Acapulco’s vivid past. Overlooking Acapulco’s bustling harbor, the Fort of San Diego was originally built in 1616 and was rebuilt in the 18th century; it is now home to the Historical Museum of Acapulco. Here children can relive the days when the fort was used to ward off the attacks of marauding pirates, such as Sir Francis Drake, or brave the final battle of the Mexican War for Independence. The Fort has undergone extensive renovations and areas have been restored, as they were when the fort was occupied more than 200 years ago.

Acapulco’s world-class resorts also cater to the needs of parents and children. Moms and Dads who want to experience Acapulco’s legendary nightlife and adult oriented adventures will find that many of Acapulco’s hotels and resorts satisfy the whims of younger guests. Special programs and child-care facilities help parents make the most of their well-deserved vacation without the guilt of leaving the kids behind.

Romance awaits in Acapulco

Acapulco offers a truly unique backdrop for celebrating a special occasion such as a destination wedding, honeymoon or a romantic couples getaway. Honeymooners celebrating their union will find a sense of serenity in Acapulco’s romantic dining options, world-class accommodations, and plenty of excitement in the city by the bay. And they’ll follow in the footsteps of some legendary lovers: Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, to name a few who shared post-wedding bliss on the golden shores of Acapulco.

Acapulco offers an infinite range of possibilities and options for wedding ceremonies, receptions, décor, accommodations and more. There are several catering services and renowned event planners that can assist in customizing your vision. These services include, among other things, the coordination of a private firework display and musical performance from a Mariachi Band or the Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra.

La Capilla de la Paz or Chapel of Peace stands 1,250 feet above sea level overlooking the magnificent Acapulco Bay. A non-denominational venue, the Chapel is one of the most popular and recognizable in Acapulco, symbolized by the large cross that stands at the atrium of the Chapel. The cross stands 128 feet high, has special quartz reflectors to illuminate it at night and is said to be capable of withstanding winds up to 165 mph due to its steel and concrete construction. From its place on the mountaintop the Chapel of Peace offers superb views of the Acapulco Bay and a romantic setting for an intimate wedding ceremony. Acapulco’s world-class resorts offer romantic honeymoon experiences tailored to meet the needs of the most discerning newlyweds. From private beachfront dinners by candlelight to in-room romantic amenities, the resorts of Acapulco flawlessly combine romance and luxury for the picture perfect getaway.

The destination is also an ideal choice for celebrating a birthday, anniversary, vow renewal or a romantic weekend getaway spent strolling palm-lined beaches hand-in-hand, dining under the stars in a hillside villa, cozying up in a horse-drawn carriage down Costera Miguel Aleman, dancing at one of Acapulco’s many discos, or indulging in a soothing couples massage at a luxury hotel.

Adventurous couples delight in Acapulco’s vast selection of recreational activities including golf, tennis, scuba diving and horseback riding. After a tiring day of activity, spend the afternoon and evening relaxing on one of Acapulco’s many golden beaches in a lounge chair sipping on a frothy coconut gin, and basking in the joy of being with the one you love.

Acapulco... more to discover

Acapulco has a special magic that visitors and residents alike to remain fascinated by its incredible beauty and the hypnotic charm of its very own brand of enchantment. For a relaxed tropical paradise, Acapulco certainly is vibrant one --as a matter of fact, it literally never sleeps. With non-stop nightlife, great shopping centers and restaurants, this bustling seaside resort is alive and pulsating 24 hours a day.

Acapulco offers excitement other resorts only dream of. There is so much to see and do that visitors can easily set their own pace and take life as energetically or as leisurely as they like. By day, play along the dazzling beaches behind the luxury hotels that range from picturesque to palatial, or relax on one of the secluded, pristine beaches at Barra Vieja -- ideal for romantic tryst.

Dedicated shoppers can pamper themselves with world-class shopping. Mornings are the coolest and the most relaxing time to search for Mexican treasures. Acapulco offers a profusion of boutiques, galleries and handicraft stores along the Costera Boulevard. Some are in sleek, air-conditioned shopping malls like Galerias Diana or Galerias Acapulco, but if you are looking for handicrafts, gold, silver or unique pieces of art, so the Flea Markets such as El Parazal, in the downtown area, or La Diana are the best option.

Those who like to explore can visit Fort of San Diego Museum, which keeps centuries of history and culture in 12 expositions rooms, enjoying an excellent Acapulco’s view from there; also take a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn carriage down the Costera Miguel Aleman, wide bay front boulevard flanked by host of beaches, hotels and restaurants; swim with dolphins at El Rollo Water Park or at Condesa Beach or can also enjoy tours on the Coyuca Lagoon or Tres Palos Lagoon.

Sunshine 360 days of the year, 12 miles of golden sand beaches and the lush greenery of the surrounding Sierra Madre Mountains combine to make Acapulco a paradise for those who prefer active vacations. Water sports take on new dimensions in the magnificent setting of Acapulco Bay, where sports enthusiasts can scuba dive to reefs and shipwrecks; go deep-sea fishing for marlin or sail fish; water-ski, or parasail.

Golf lovers have a choice of several picturesque and challenging golf courses, 18-hole championship courses as well as the 9-hole. You can find them at Tres Vidas, Hotel Princess Imperial and Turtle Dunes Country club, both properties of Mundo Imperial Hotel Complex; besides the Club de Golf Acapulco (on the Costera, next to the Acapulco Convention Center), and guests who want to work on their backhand can choose from dozens of tennis courts located throughout the resort.

It would take several months of vacation to take in all the dining experiences Acapulco has to offer. More than 160 restaurants provide a myriad of dinning venues--from the finest in Mexican cuisine to international specialties. There are many restaurants nestled high in the hills surrounding Acapulco, while far below the lights of Acapulco Bay twinkle brilliantly in the night.

As the sun sets over Acapulco Bay, an ambiance of enthusiasm wafts over the city -- a gamut of experiences await. Its legendary excitement after dark is what really sets Acapulco apart from other destinations in Mexico. Head over to “Old Acapulco” to watch the daring divers at La Quebrada as they dive from cliffs bearing torches 135 feet into a rocky cove.

Become a part of Acapulco’s vibrant nightlife and dance from dusk ‘til dawn--an every night occurrence at the chic nightclubs and discotheques where the action just begins to heat up around midnight. For romantics, a quiet piano bar or stunning setting from which to watch the sparkling lights above the bay is never far away. Experience Acapulco’s nonstop activities and this resort offer many others attractions, so you will be able to see that there are more to discover…

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

Acapulco is a quintessential beach resort known as a place of magic and adventure. For decades, this destination has been selected by various celebrities, political, social and cultural personalities as their preferred getaway. Currently, the resort-town of Acapulco is revamping its infrastructure with new international hotel developments, restaurants, spas, shopping malls and attractions, solidifying its status as one of the best beach destinations in the world.

Among some of the newest hotel developments is Hotel Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués, the second resort of this hotel chain in the Americas. Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués opened its doors to visitors in 2010. The hotel is the perfect setting for romance, adventure and discovering Acapulco’s timeless charm. Among its many amenities, it offers guests 44 luxury villas with private pool. Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués, a resort inspired by the ancient relationship between Acapulco and the Far East, is one of the most spectacular investments in the region. Its interior design incorporates traditional Mexican and Aztec crafts, including artisanal ceramics and embroideries. The hotel’s spa has a team of therapists brought directly from the Banyan Tree Academy in Thailand. Aside from its top-of-0the-line facilities, Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués is also a beautiful place to celebrate milestones like weddings and honeymoons.

Like the Banyan Tree Hotel, Acapulco is also home to Pearl, an exclusive beach enclave located at The Fairmont Acapulco Princess. This $30 million dollar investment offers visitors exquisite accommodations and luxury amenities.

Hotel Encanto, a charming boutique property in Punta Diamante, opened in the later months of 2009 with an investment of $20 million USD. This 44-room property is the brainchild of Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragones and has 22 suites with private pools and in-room spa services. The lighting at El Encanto, like its décor, is enchanting. The hotel offers panoramic views of the Acapulco Bay and Puerto Marqués. Its architecture is inviting and inspires relaxation.

Grupo Habita, a leading architectural developer in the hotel sector in Mexico with over 10 years servicing places like Mexico City, Puebla and Monterrey, brought to Acapulco the rebirth of hotel Boca Chica Hotel in early 2010. The classic hotel from the 50s is now a boutique property with 30 rooms and 6 suites that combines the classic luxury of yesterday with the convenience of today’s latest technology. The hotel is distinguished by its design, collaboration among designers, Frida Escobedo and Jose Rojas, and architect Fernando Romero, who made this hotel into an experience with vintage furniture, unrivaled panoramic views, gardens and a relaxing spa.

Another awaited remodel is the Grand Hotel Acapulco, formerly known as Hyatt, with an investment of approximately $ 40 million USD. The revamp includes an upgrade to the property’s restaurants, beach club, pool area, and more.

Among Acapulco’s attractions, visitors can enjoy the La Isla Acapulco Shopping Village of Grupo GICSA, a shopping center with prestigious department stores, cinemas and restaurants.

With an investment of over $400 million USD, Mundo Imperial is one of Acapulco’s most remarkable attractions. The complex has a forum, with capacity for over 4,000 people, a convention center and exhibition hall called The Expo, an 814-room resort, and a promenade filled with restaurants and shops.

Additionally, with an investment of approximately $30 million dollars, Acapulco Princess & Pierre Marques –now part of Mundo Imperial’s Complex- have developed an attractive PGA 18-hole golf course and a Country Club named Turtle Dunes. The course houses Lorena Ochoa’s Academy.

Finally, B Pichilingue, nestled in the bay of Puerto Marqués, is a cutting-edge development from the Real Estate Group GIG. The project will have two main developments, The B Luxury Residences (B Esmeralda and B Privilege) and the Pichilingue Private Beach Club. The project, which will undoubtedly become an icon of Acapulco’s social and sports scene, boasts unparalleled views and offers total exclusivity, impressive amenities, controlled access and qualified service.

In such ways, Acapulco continues expanding and upgrading its infrastructure and tourism offer, while solidifying itself as one of Mexico’s top destinations amongst national and international travelers.