Decalogue of Sustainability Actions Tianguis Turistico 2017

The Year 2017 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In this context, and realizing that the organization and operation of international events have an environmental and social impact, Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2017 will have –for the first time– a series of actions in favor of sustainability.

The main impacts generated by Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2017 are consequence of the following activities:

  1. Transportation of visitors from their places of origin as well as local transfers during the event
  2. Printing of materials in the stands of the participants
  3. The use of water and energy in the venue
  4. Waste generation during the event
  5. Giveaways for participants

That is why the Organizing Committee has developed a Decalogue for the Sustainability of Tianguis Turistico which involves the following actions:

  1. A venue with good sustainability practices has been selected. Expo Mundo Imperial Acapulco Diamante features the Silver Certification from EarthCheck.
  2. The Event Program has digital format on the Tianguis Turístico 2017 website and APP, in order to avoid printed paper.
  3. Exhibitors have been encouraged to use technology to reduce the use of paper as well as take proper charge of their waste management.
  4. During the event, the use of water and energy will be taken care of in order to avoid excessive consumption.
  5. Materials that generate pollution and whose recycling is difficult, such as “unicel”, will not be allowed.
  6. Participants will be provided with transportation from their host hotels to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by private transfers.
  7. The official event, as well as other parallel events, the exhibition floor and all contents in general, seeks for the rescue of traditions and customs, through the involvement of local communities.
  8. The food provided to participants is local and seasonal, avoiding the transfer and importation, reducing this way the environmental footprint.
  9. Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2017 will be for the first time a carbon neutral event, that will measure its carbon footprint and offset its emissions by buying bonds to internationally certified local projects.
  10. Within the Official Program, there will be a training space and talks with themes related to Sustainable Tourism.


  1. Before your trip, find out about sustainability actions in the destination and in the event organization.
  2. Choose service providers (transportation, lodging, transfers) that carry out actions for the environment conservation and for social responsibility.
  3. Use resources (energy, water) sparingly during your stay.
  4. In the exhibition area, if you do not require printed information, ask the suppliers for the digital format to minimize the generation of waste.
  5. Dispose your waste properly. Ask about sites where you can dispose waste separately (organic and inorganic).
  6. At meal time, especially those that are buffet style, consume with moderation, serving yourself only the portions that you are going to consume.
  7. If you take a tour, try to go to natural sites and/or nearby community projects in the host state of Guerrero.
  8. If you buy souvenirs, try to support the local commerce and acquire products made by artisans of the communities.
  9. During the event, learn about the Tourism Tianguis Emission Compensation Strategy, and put it into practice in your upcoming events and visits.
  10. Join us, get involved and promote sustainable tourism!